Managing Your Training

We are now on our Third Harness Your Own Energy Training Session!  July is here and we are now on the last two months of your training.  If you are strictly following the Recommended Training Program, weekends are filled with hour of pounding the road while your weekdays are becoming longer and tougher as well with a combination of easy days.

During peak training, there are three things one has to consider:

1.  Recovery

2.  Cross Training

3.  Time Management

3rd Session copyHow do you do that?  We will answer that at our third session dubbed as MANAGING YOUR TRAINING.

We have guest ultramarathoners to help answer your questions.

Urban-Ashram will lead us into an hour of FNR Athletics (Flexibility Not Required) to stretch and strengthen those muscles and prepare it for hours of running.

Join us on Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 100 Miles Cafe.  Registration starts at 6pm.

Attire:  Comfy clothes for a yoga workout

Mat:  This won’t be provided.  You may bring your own as 100 Miles will be a Yoga Studio for the night.  The workouts would not entail that much lying down but please bring a towel if you do not have a mat.

Food and Drinks:  You may order at 100 Miles Cafe

Cardimax L-Carnitine will provide us with sample bottles to help us in those yoga poses.

See you there!

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