Nutrition and Hydration Tips from Alfred and Doodsie

Last July 20, Alfred delos Reyes and Doodsie Mallari shared ten reminders on hydration and nutrition during racing and training.  Having been racing ultramarathons for years, these are the things that has worked for them that might be helpful for Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon runners.

1. What you eat and drink affects your performance

  • Eat healthy
  • Avoid junk foods
  • Do not follow a diet that is a trend; see what works for you

2. Replenish after training and race day

  • Always replenish with the right food and drinks
  • Eat within an hour after a training or a race
  • Ensure that you have enough nutrients to repair your muscles that worked during your training

3. For an average ultra runner; what usually works is more than 2 Liters of decaf fluid/day

  • Hydrate well daily; not just during training

4. Protein is main tool for repairing muscle; encouraging muscle fiber regrowth

5. Trial and error leading to race day

  • ensure that you have tested your nutrition during race day.

6. Don’t experiment on race day.  Listen to your body

7. On race day, eat high in carb meals 2 or 3 hrs before the start.

  • This will be your initial store of energy; after this body would convert stored fats into energy with the aid of L-carnitine (Note: Input from Integrated Pharma)
  • Make sure that you replenish on each Aid Station (which is 5K away from each other)

8. Race day food and drink: what works for you (train your muscle AND digestive system)

  • Since there will be aid stations, take note of the list of drinks and food available.  Pack something in your Drop bag if the food you are used to eat in training will not be served.

9. Transportability of food and drink on race day

  • Eat in small portions at aid station.  Note that you are moving and is unable to digest like a regular day

10. After the event, Protein, carb, re-hydrate (10 hr race = 6,000 cal)

  • Enjoy the post race meals and festivities!

Note:  The above list is based on Alfred and Doodsie’s ultramarathon race experience.  They are mere recommendations.  If you have questions, please post as comment and we will try to answer before race day.

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