The HARNESS YOUR OWN ENERGY Training Session Awardees
The HARNESS YOUR OWN ENERGY Training Session Awardees

The Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon encourages aspriing ultramarathoners to take the challenge and join the 50K Category. With an ideal race venue and a guided 18-week training program, a lot has taken on the challenge.  They have joined the sessions which were led by some of our seasoned ultramarathoners.  In a few days, they will all gather together on the 50K Challenge of Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon.

ANNE ENDAYA, one of our awardees said this during the second month of training: “Running beyond a marathon is another challenge and I decided to do this. I know my heart and body will follow.” -Anne Endaya .  The Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon team who are composed of well-known Ultramarathoners themselves has a lot in store for us who joined. Aside from the Training Program they sent us upon registration, we also have sessions with them to continuously share us their knowledge, lead us and train us runners to be strong in preparation for the upcoming race.

Two weeks ago, we caught up with some of our soon to be ultramarathoners and asked them a few questions.  We would like to share them with you as we loved hearing their stories.


CHRIS   I decided to join ultramarathon race for the first time for me to able to test and exceed myself into the sport of running. It is also my bucket list this year. As runners we literally move forward. And one of the ways of moving forward is take a big step and that is joining ultramarathon race.  I’ve been participating in different events here in Manila, on those various events, the route or course of the races is quite the same. And we as runners we have this kind of we want to explore new sights like scenic views, having time also to go in different places. Stating those makes me to decide to be part of this event (Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon).  I started running since September 2012. My first race event is a 5k category (Rexona 2012). (Actually my wife is the one who is registered for that race. But she can’t make it that time. So I’m the one who ran on her behalf.) Since then, I’ve been in various running events here in Manila and even in the near provinces. Last July I just finished my 19th Half Marathon race (one of my favorite half marathon is last January 2014 in Corregidor International Half Marathon) also I’ve finished my 3rd Full Marathon this year. One of those three is The Bull Runner 2015 edition (this one of my favorite full marathon race, no doubt about it!) which held last February in Nuvali, organized by Ms. Jaymie Pizarro.

JOHN   Well my friends and I wanted it to take it to the next level. The reason we chose Cardimax Clark Ultramarathon is that timing of the race is great because we still have ample time to prep for the race. This is also for the first time that we will race on a September.  I started running way back in 2011. My first stint for the half marathon was last 2013 at Natgeo. However I got sick during the latter part of 2013 wherein I need to stop running for sometime. My comeback race was the Philippine duathlon last June 2014 and the 21 km QCIM night run last 2014. Then luckily I completed my first full mary at TBRDM last Feb. 2015

PHILIP  i decided to join cardimax-clark ultramarathon for when i was searching for the next race after my second FM and was thinking of joining an ultra to better myself, i came across it and became interested, for it encourages first time ultramarathoners to join. With the program, talks and running sessions, along with the camaraderie i think i made the right choice.  I had started running two years ago (2013). I became overweight. Decided to loose weight and running at that time was the most convenient way. After a few half marathons decided to join The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2014 and after that encouraged my colleagues to join the 2015 TBRDM, so i did TBDRM twice. And training for cardimax clark ultramarathon with the longest LSD at 40K, we decided to join milo marathon 2015. smile emoticon

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON RUNNING AN ULTRAMARATHON (Did you make the right decision? Haha)

CHRIS: It’s quite difficult especially I have to change my trainings. The mileage that I have to covered in a week. But I kept telling myself that all those hard trainings, LSD, tempo runs, short runs will paid off coming on the race day.  It is great  when I complete my assignment mileage for the week it really boost me a lot but there are times when I just felt I can’t do it anymore, but I always telling myself and asking God to give me strength so I could be able to finish the task in hand and turn those lows into highs again.

JOHN During the early months I was aggressive in training however, I was diagnosed with ITB-S syndrome for both legs last May 2015. This stopped me running for 1 month. So I need to complete my PT sessions and also strengthen my ITBS and slowly went back to training. Well the highs are the sessions at 100 miles cafe, UP and Clark wherein we learned a lot from the sharing knowledge of the mentors. This keep me on going and inspired to get back on my feet and try not to get injured again.

PHILIP  Training was fine. Thankfully having my colleagues run our LSDs together.


CHRIS: As an athlete training for this race affects me by sticking on the program religiously. By means also of taking good nutrition for upcoming race. Mentally preparedness is one of the key also for training. As a person training for this race make me more responsible in my work, my family and even myself.  There moments when we want to give up, road seems quite even more longer, legs get tired, feeling restless mile after another. Don’t fear moving, stand still, slowly move forward.

JOHN Well, its not that easy to train for an ultra marathon. However, this help me to manage my time with my work family and of course running.surely it was fun on doing all the training wherein I can say to myself na “Kaya ko pala’

PHILIP Training for an ultra really puts you in a situation to have discipline. Whether it be training, LSDs or even work. Balancing family, work and training also comes into play. I like what dean karnazes said, how to run an ultramarathon? Puff out your chest, put one foot in front of the other, and dont stop till you cross the finishline. No matter how fast or slow you are as long as your moving forward you’ll finish eventually. A strong heart and mind also helps alongside training.


CHRIS All those days, months of trainings, it is time to put it on a test. I’m looking forward to finished what I’ve started last 4 or 5 months ago when I signed up for this race. When everything is said and done by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ I step on that finish line I’ll be stronger, better and I can called my self and ULTRAMARATHONER!! (Will be one my memorable race event ever!!!)

JOHN Well what to look forward on D day – is to finish the race and enjoy every moment of it.

CHRIS To finish strong and injury free! and hopefully it wont deter me for doing ultras in the future. Hehe

Let us wish our aspiring ultramarathoners well.  To all of new, you are already champs in our books.  HARNESS YOUR OWN ENERGY!

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