Raisin to a Healthier Life: Sultana Biscuits.

SULTANA BISCUITS is manufactured and distributed by Ritz Food Corp.

We tried the product during the test runs and find it as something that is light and healthy; an ideal AS food for the runners.


Sweet, raisin filled biscuits that can energize, revitalize and make you face a brand new day.  Sultana Biscuits Raisin a Healthier You!

cover photo 3 (1)

Sulatana is available in 12 packs per bag and 160g family pack in grocery stores.  Visit their facebook page: SultanaBiscuits for more details.

Thanks, Sultana for giving us  some treats at the Aid Stations.

Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon Runners,did you like the Sultana Biscuits?

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