Team Jumbo: Formed and Bonded by Their Passion in Running Ultramarathon Races

They say birds of the same feather flock together.  That’s the case for Simon, Carlo and Alfred who share the same passion in running ultramarathon races.

How did you three meet?

Simon: I met Alfred back in 2010 when we both joined the very first PAU ultra run (50k) in Tanay.  I overtook him in the last few kilometers and he came to congratulate and ask my name at the finish line.  We have joined almost the same races since and have raced together and against each other countless times.

Carlo:  Simon and I met for the first time when we ran in the first West Coast 200 km single stage race.  He helped me when I momentarily lost contact with my support crew.  We were both sleepy during the race so we had to push each other for a strong finish.

Alfred:  I’ve been racing with and against Simon since 2010 and when they hit it off a couple of years later, Carlo completed the triumvirate!

Why did you join the Cardimax Clark Ultramarathon in 2015?


A:  It was a one of a kind ultramarathon race and one that I thought I couldn’t afford to miss.  They took very good care of the runners and provided unprecedented technology.  It was also quite challenging so I thought it would be a good gauge of where I was at in terms of my training and fitness level.

C:  I was interested initially because of the new race route.

S:  I joined because Clark is one of my favorite places to run. There were fewer cars and less people which meant more roads for running. It’s also good mileage for upcoming races.

How did you train for it?

C:  I tried to run at least 30 kilometers a week two months before the race.

S:  For me, I maintained a 50 km a week routine even if there was no race and when an upcoming 100k would be near, I’d longer runs of about 25k and above per run.

A:  Like them, I piled up the necessary mileage week in and week out watching what I ate and getting enough rest no matter how busy I get with work and other activities.

What was the most difficult and fun part/s of the event?

A:  For me the most difficult AND fun parts were the hilly route going in and out of the Mabalacat leg and that long stretch of road nearing the last 20 kilometers of the race under the intense heat of the sun.  I cursed at the challenging parts during the race but would celebrate conquering them upon crossing the finish line knowing these tough times are what make completing the run that much sweeter.

S:  The most difficult part was knowing that you had completed one loop and you had to do the same all over again. That’s psychologically tough. The fun part was seeing areas in Clark I had not seen before like the road leading to SCTEX Exit North.

C:  Heat was a big factor especially in the area leading to SLEX and Sacobia Bridge.  Race kit claiming was fun!

Will you join again this year?  Why or why not?

C:  Yes! To perform better and apply what I have learned from the previous year and to encourage other runners to try the race route.

S:   Yes I will join again to improve my time and beat Carlo and Alfred.  Ha ha…

A:  Yes.  I will try to beat my time last year and not to be beaten by these two.  Ha ha…

Were you satisfied with the results and your performance?

S:  Any first time result for me in a given race is satisfying. There’s always a next year to be better.

A:  I was happy with my time but I may have conserved a bit too much during the first loop and will re-think about my strategy for this year.

C:  No!  I could have done better.

team jumbo group


Keep an eye out for and run with Simon, Carlo and Alfred at this year’s Cardimax Clark Ultramarathon!





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