Race Course

Race Course

The Clark Ultramarathon will require participants to complete a road course in a fifty kilometer loop (two loops for the 100K runners).  The start/finish line will be at the Clark Parade Grounds, right across the Clark Museum.


Aid Stations (AS)

There will be support/aid stations every five kilometers (as far as practicable depending on location and safety reasons) or thereabouts. Outside aid will NOT be allowed in any part of the course.   100K runners are allowed to leave one drop bag which will be available at the aid stations approximately at kilometre 29, 50, 79 mark (Start/Finish).


Available hydration  and nutrition at each aid station for 2018 will be updated and finalized one month before the event.

Tailwind will be available at the Aid Stations.


Supporters and spectators will not be allowed on any part of the race course except on designated areas (see the Major AS spots highlighted with pink box). Outside support is not allowed and will result to runner’s disqualification.


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  1. Hi! Where can we find the list of what is in the aid station? Also, would there be signages along the race route, specially for turns? Thanks!


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