Race Schedule

Start of Registration

June 1 2018 at RaceYaya.com  Please note that your registration and slots are reserved only after validation of your payment, otherwise, it will be given to other online applicants.


Upon registration, participants of both races may avail of the Recommended Training Program. Registered participants may also opt to join the Training Run and Lecture Sessions and the trainings of our Team Mentors.  Please click here to see the schedule HERE

Race Kit Claiming 

Clark Schedule:

Details to be announced

Mandatory Gear Check-In (Required for all runners)

This will be done during race kit claiming

Start (Startline check-in starts an hour before)

Sundown Half Marathon – 4:30pm

100K Solo and Relay – 6pm

50K Solo and Relay – 12 midnight

RACE SCHEDULE              

September 9, Saturday in Clark Parade Grounds

10 am:                  Start of Race Kit Claiming and Mandatory Gear Check-In

1:30pm:                Race Briefing

3 pm:                     Race Kit Claiming and Drop Bag Deposit Closes

4 pm:                     Mandatory Gear Check-In ends for 100K Solo and Relay

September 9, Saturday at Clark Parade Grounds

5 pm:                     :100K Runners Solo and 100K Relay Runner 1 Start Line Opens

6 pm:                     Gunstart for 100K Solo and Relay

6:30pm:               100K Relay 2nd Runner Service leaves for 25K turnover point

9pm:                      100K Relay 3rd Runner Check-In for 50K turnover point

11 pm                    50K Starting Line opens

12 mn:                   50K Championship and Relay Gun Start

12:30                        100K Relay third runner and 50K 2nd Runner Leaves for 75K/25K Turnover Point

3am                        Cut-off at 50K for 100K Runners Solo and Relay

10 am:                   Cut-off for 50K Challenge and 50K Relay

12 noon:                     Cut-off for 100K Championship and Relay

All activities, raffle and awarding shall start from 7am to 12 noon.  Winners will be awarded once the podium list is completed or at around 9am.

Runners who have finished their races are encouraged to stay at the Activity Area to receive their award.  Overall winners and age group winners should present themselves for verification.


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