How to Register


Step 1.          

Choose the category you will be joining. Read the (a) Race Details: Description, Qualifications, Restrictions and (b) Race Rules and Regulations and (c) Conditions for Registration.

Step 2            .          

Go to .  Create your Runners Account to start your registration process.  If you already have a Race Yaya account, log-in and choose Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon.

Please ensure that you have entered your correct email address to be able to get updates.  Runners should be responsible in ensuring they receive the organizer updates via email.   You may also log-on any time in your RaceYaya account to be updated on your status and/or send the organizer a message.

Any runner found to be in violation of the race restriction and qualifications after registration and/or payment will result to disqualification, race exclusion and forfeiture of their registration fee.

Step 3

Click PAY on the right side of your account and choose your preferred payment option: deposit or paypal.  DEPOSIT:  If you choose, deposit, a copy of the deposit slip and details should be uploaded to your account.  After uploading your deposit slip, your status is changed to “Paid”.  PAYPAL:  Paypal shall automatically direct you to the paypal website.  After confirmation of paypal payment, your status is changed to “Paid”.

The Race Yaya Team shall review all payments submitted.  After payment verification, your Runner Profile will indicate “Registered”.

Please ensure you have accurate data in your Runner Profile.  Medical certificate must be submitted before August, 2017.

An official list of registered runners will be updated in this website.

Conditions for Registration:

By registering, I agree to the following:

  1. I have read and understood the regulations of the race.
  2. I understand that the enrolment fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  3. I understand and agree to the conditions of participation as stated in the regulations.
  4. I have completed at least a minimum of one 42K race within the year as indicated in my Qualifying Race.
  5. I am aware of the physical and mental preparation for this race and have/will train properly.
  6. I respect and promote the ethics of the race and will due courtesy and respect to fellow participants, race staff, marshals and volunteers.
  7. I will help and support other runners in case of emergency during the race.
  8. I am aware of any medical condition which could concern me and, consequently relieve the organisation of any responsibility for any medical problem which may arise during the event due to any negligence on my part.
  9. I understand that in the case of a false declaration of qualifying races and medical condition, not conforming or untrue; the organisation reserves the right to cancel my registration without refunding the registration fee.

16 thoughts

  1. Good day, itatanung ko lang po sana status nung online registration ko kung na validate na po? My name is EUGINE POSTRADO 100km solo


  2. interested to join the 50km challenge.i tried to register at, however, the reg form required 4 participants for such event…? i wasn’t able to register.hope u could help me on this.


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